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Gifted Program

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Gifted Program at LMS

Mrs. Petty teaches gifted language arts and is the contact person at Lakeview concerning gifted questions.

Mr.  Phillips teaches gifted social studies.

Mrs. McKown teaches gifted math.


All three teachers follow the Georgia Standards of Excellence for each grade level, but our classes challenge students through the complexity of the texts, the pace at which we move (dependent on student needs), and both the depth and breadth of exploration and understanding of concepts. 

In addition to teaching our core subjects, Mr. Corey Phillips, Mrs. McKown, and Mrs. Petty teach a gifted ELT class at the end of each day.  This time is used for working on projects or longer assignments, Reading Plus/Edgenuity, or additional help with our classroom work (dependent on student needs at the time).  Our focus is critical, analytical, and logical thinking and decision-making skills in the respective content areas. We operate on a rotating schedule, as does the rest of the school:  Monday is 1st period, Tuesday is 2nd period, Wednesday is 3rd period, Thursday is 4th period, and Friday is 5th period.