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Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. Cast List
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Friday, December 07, 2018
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Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. 

Cast List


Georgia - Adriana McKenzie

Dori - Paige Clark

Dina - Tilda Lindroth

Tom - Eric Hughes

Joe - Nathan Ellington

Shulie - Makayla Ware

Song List:

A Noun Is A Person, Place or Thing - Paige Clark

Three Is A Magic Number - Adriana McKenzie

Unpack Your Adjectives - Makayla Ware

Just A Bill - Adriana McKenzie

The Preamble - Bryanna Headlee

Do The Circulation - Nathan Ellington

Conjunction Junction - Nathan Ellington

Great American Melting Pot - Alicia Farmer, Nathan Ellington, Tilda Lindroth

Elbow Room - Tilda Lindroth

Interplanet Janet - Makayla Ware

Interjections - Tilda Lindroth

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