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Unit 5 Equations  

Dates are to be made:

Lesson 1 - Power and Exponents

Lesson 2 - Numerical Expressions

Lesson 3 - Algebra Variables and Expressions

Inquire Lab

Lesson 4 - Algebra: Write Expressions

Lesson 5 - Algebra Properties

Mid Chapter Check, Inquire Lab: The Distributive Property

Lesson 6 - The Distributive Property; Unit Review Homework

Lesson 7 - Equivalent Expressions; Check Chapter Review / Homework

Unit Test

School Finals before Christmas Break


October 7 - 8 2013  


October 7th through the 11th is Renaissance Week.  Each day of the week will be a theme Dress up day. More news to come about each day.

Tuesday October 8th Wrestling Meeting after school, in the Warrior Council Room,  for all students interested in Wrestling

Thursday October 10th is LMS Homecoming Football Game also there will be a school Dance.

In Class:

Monday Chapter Review on Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Tuesday Unit 2 Study Guide on Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Wednesday Unit 2 Test

Thursday: Unit 3 Pre Test

Friday: Vocabulary Notes on Ratios, Unit Rate, and Equivalent Fractions.



Welcome to the Page hope this is finding everyone well.

Sorry it's been a minute to get this running, but we should be on track now.

September Announcements

Football - 19th home vs Heritage,   26th away vs. Gordon Lee

Fundraiser - Coupon books should be returned if they have not been so already

Academic -

18th  Vocabulary Unit 1B,

19th Estimate Product (multiply) Fractions,

20th - 24th Multiplying Fractions

25th - Converting units of measure

26th - Dividing Fractions

30th - Mid Chapter Check