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Evonne Hackett Staff Photo
Mrs.  Evonne  Hackett
Keyboarding / Computer Applications
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Lab 106 


LMS Lab 106                                     



Welcome to Lakeview Middle School Lab 106

Students at LMS have the opportunity to take Keyboarding in 6th grade and Computer Application classes in 7th and 8th grade.  Students are instructed in learning to touch-type (type without looking at the keyboard).  Classes are set up according to our 9 week grading period.   Keyboarding skills are encouraged and enhanced through the use of touch typing online programs. Students are encouraged to use proper keyboarding form while working progressively through lessons as well as Microsoft Word or other programs that may be utilized. 

Computer Applications classes have many projects to complete utilizing Microsoft Office components and the internet.  7th graders contribute to the 'LMS Journal' blog.  Links to our blog and other classroom activities can be found within these pages.