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Lakeview Middle School  School Year 2019/2020

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 Adopted April 12th 2019                                        Revised March 25, 2019

What is Title I ?

 In support of strengthening student academic achievement, Lakeview Middle School  receives Title I, Part A funds and therefore must jointly develop with, agree with, and distribute to parents and family members of participating children a written parent and family engagement policy that contains information required by section 1116(b) and (c) of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The policy establishes the school's expectations for parent and family engagement and describes how the school will implement a number of specific parent and family engagement activities

This is a plan that describes how LMS will provide opportunities to improve parent and family engagement to support student learning. LMS values the contributions and involvement of parents and families to establish an equal partnership for the common goal of improving student achievement. This plan describes the different ways that LMS will support parent and family engagement and how parents can help plan and participate in activities and events to promote student learning at home and school.  

Parent and Family Engagement Program and Activities

Lakeview Middle School will host events to build capacity for strong parent and family engagement to support a partnership among the school, parents, families and the community to improve student academic achievement.  All meetings will be held at flexible times in order to offer all parents and families the opportunity to be involved.  Flexible times include meetings occurring at morning, school day, and evening.  Catoosa Transit offers low cost transportation.

The parents of students served by the Title I program at Lakeview Middle School are invited to an Annual Title I Meeting where parents are given an explanation of the Title I program and their right to be involved in their children’s education.  Announcement of the Annual Meeting is done on the school marquee, school newsletter, parent school wide text alert, LMS social media page and school website.  The Annual Meeting is held prior to open house at the beginning of school. In an effort to keep parents fully informed, the following handouts are distributed at the Annual Title I Meeting:

Components of Title I Schoolwide Programs

District and School Parent and Family Engagement Policies

Parents are asked to develop jointly a parent and family engagement policy, grade-specific compacts, and Title I schoolwide plan.  School principals directly involved in developing and revising all policies and procedures related to federal programs in compliance with federal guidelines. Input is solicited throughout the year at every meeting, Title I event, and on the school website.  LMS invites all parents and families to attend our Spring Parent Advisory Council to discuss, review, and revise this policy, as well as the school-wide plan for the upcoming school year.  One exception is the compact that is crafted at the beginning of the school year. The parent and family engagement policy, grade-specific compacts, and Title I schoolwide plan are available on the school website,  Family Resource Center and a summary of both district and LMS Title I Parent Engagement Program Is housed in the Parent Resource Center and always distributed at every parent and family meeting.  Documents can be mailed when necessary.  

The grade-specific compacts stress the importance of communication between teachers and parents. Parents, students, and teachers sign compacts indicating the role each has in the education process. 

Typically, parents give input into their role at the beginning of the school year where an input parent survey is placed in the “beginning of the year student packets”.  Teachers are informed about their part in the document and subsequently pen how they will keep parents informed at a faculty meeting at the beginning of the year.. Teachers work with students to guide them in writing their promises in achieving their best.  

Grade-specific compacts are crafted, and parents review, adjust and approve them.  Official compacts are approved at the fall meeting of the LMS Parent Advisory Council.  Compacts are then distributed for signatures and returned by October 31. Compacts should be used at home and at school in parent or student conferences.  Compacts include items such as: 

Attending parent meetings & Parent Academic Nights

Supporting school activities 

Helping with homework 

Parent and family meetings are offered throughout the school year on a variety of topics and at various times of the day to maximize parent and family participation.  Notification will be done through a variety of avenues including school newsletters, parents text alerts, school website, marquee, school social media page etc.  Attempts will be made to eliminate barriers to parent and family engagement such as transportation and translation/interpretation needs. Minutes from the meetings/academic nights can be located on the school website, housed in parent resource room, monthly newsletter,  and if applicable the school social media page can post a link. LMS provides materials and training activities to enable parents and families to work with their children to improve achievement. Transition meetings for all upcoming 6th graders are held after feeder schools 5th graders come and tour in May (Welcome to Middle School Transition Meeting ) and summer (6th Grade Orientation). The May meeting details many different areas of Middle School such as Academics, Connection Classes, discipline policy, Positive Behavior Program (PBIS), Renaissance Program, Sports, Clubs, and the day-to-day schedule presented by all administrators, school counselors, and athletic director. The 6th Grade Orientation Meeting allows upcoming 6th graders and parents to get more information about all programs and academics at the school and allows them to view the day to day 6th grade schedule by walking around the 6th grade hall with 6th grade teachers while learning how to use a locker.

Planned activities for the 2019-2020 school year are: Sixth Grade Orientation - Morning Annual Meeting - Evening Open House - Evening Volunteer Orientation - Morning Fall Parent Advisory Council - Morning  Literacy  Night / Lexile Growth Check - Evening Math Night - Evening Science Night - Evening Georgia Milestones for Parents - Evening Spring Parent Advisory Council - Afternoon 6th Grade Parent Transition - Evening

Timely information will be provided to parents and families regarding:

  • School programs - Information is discussed throughout the school year. Teachers, administrators, and the academic coach remind parents of the various school programs available for their children through regular meetings and means listed below. Student Input will be implemented with choosing activities for school programs/nights
  • Results of the annual school review (including school performance profiles) School administrators are responsible for reporting this information to parents. This is done through the newspaper, school website, and status letter. Results of the spring Title I survey are shared with the spring Title I Parent Advisory Council and LMS School Council.
  • Opportunities to volunteer in the school – Parents and families are invited to volunteer at Lakeview Middle School. A short training is provided. Volunteers are always welcome. Volunteer Opportunities are communicated through Volunteer Remind App, School website, School Social Media pages, Flyers sent home, and Schoolwide text alerts. 
  • Pamphlets and brochures are readily available at all parent and family meetings and the Family Resource Center  These include but are not limited to How to Communicate with Your Child’s Teacher, Testing in Georgia, Components of Schoolwide Programs, Georgia Curriculum., and Annual Meeting Agenda.
  • School Newsletter Information— A monthly school newsletter is distributed to parents and families and posted on the website and school social media page.  Timely information is highlighted in the newsletter such as upcoming parent meetings & academic nights, , school events, school information, school calendar, assessments, etc. 
  • The School Marquee and school wide Parent Text Alerts serve as effective reminders.



Goals for Student Learning

District Goals

  • To improve the percentage of students scoring proficient (levels 3 and 4) grades 3 through 8.

  • To improve the percentage of students graduating from high school.


​School Goals

  • Our school wide S.M.A.R.T. goal is: Increase the weighted percent of students scoring at Proficient Learner or above on the Georgia Milestones assessment in all grade levels and core subjects by 3%
  • Math
  • Science
  • English Language Arts
  • Social Studies

Note - A percentage for Student Growth will be determined at a later date. 
​The Student Growth Percentile describes the amount of growth students demonstrate relative to academically similar students. 

School Plan for Shared Student Achievement

What is it? This is a plan that describes how Lakeview Middle will provide opportunities to improve parent and family engagement to support student learning. Lakeview Middle values the contributions and involvement of parents and families in order to establish an equal partnership for the common goal of improving student achievement. This plan describes the different ways that Lakeview Middle will support parent and family engagement and how parents and families can help plan and participate in activities and events to promote student learning at school and at home. 

How is it developed? Lakeview Middle School welcomes parent and family input and comments at any time regarding the plan. All parent and family feedback will be used to revise the plan for next year. The plan is posted on our school website for parents and families to view and post feedback throughout the year. We also distribute two annual survey asking parents for their suggestions on the plan and the use of funds for parent and family engagement.  Parents can also give feedback at any time at the Family Center, school office or any parent activity. See page two for sample input card.

Who is it for? All families are encouraged and invited to fully participate in the opportunities described in this plan. Lakeview Middle will provide full opportunity for the participation of parents with limited English, parents with disabilities and parents of migratory children. 

Where is it available? The plan is available at all parent and family meetings and on the LMS website. Parents can also get a copy of the plan in the Family Resource Center or Office B.

School-Parent Compacts

As part of this plan, Lakeview Middle and our families will develop a grade level school-parent compact, which is an agreement that parents, teachers, and students will develop together that explains how parents and teachers will work together to make sure all our students reach grade-level standards. Compacts will be reviewed at all parent meetings and updated annually based on feedback from parents, students and community.  Using this input, the School and Parent Advisory Councils will revise the compact.  The LMS fall Parent Advisory Council approves grade-specific compacts after receiving input from teachers, students and parents.  School-parent compacts are housed at home and at school.

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